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Childcare, Au Pair, Companion, House Minding, Craftsman, Repairs, Renovation ...Bitte vorlesen

Please register for free and send in your offers or demands. Fill in the form (Travellers & Hosts) in the language of you addressees. In most cases English would suit best !!! 

You have passed the usual age of an "au pair", limited to about 27-30 years in Europe. You are somewhere between 40 and 65 years old or more, you feel well, your are fit and have no ties.

You have some qualifications however, which may be useful to others, and which you want to share? You know life and you are free to travel for a couple of weeks or months, a year or even longer?

You wish to change your ideas, make new experiences, brush up your knowledge of foreign languages, want to get to know the country you have picked and its people from inside by living and working with them? At the same time you would appreciate a certain security and structure by means of a guest family, an NGO or a voluntary service for example? A group engaged in social purposes, a rural community or similar? Maybe even a change of scene in your country will give you fresh air.

ElderPair will make this possible. You would be on "a par" (French: "pair") with the people you live. This site is all about a give-and-take basis, an exchange of help, an interconnection between generations at eye-level. Many of your compatriots live abroad and would like to have someone to care for their children, a "granny-pair" a partner to keep up their language knowledge and culture. Others need a caretaker or guardian for their villa or holiday house abroad, some need a craftsman or worker for the renovation of their home. There are also people who want to invite someone to bear them company or to look after pets during their absence etc.

To be useful, to see the world, to make new experiences

Apart from this there a many possibilities of engaging yourself in volunteering and social projects - kindergardens, schools, orphanages and similar. There are very good chances for teachers of all sorts or subjects, especially languages, but also needlework, handicraft and all kinds of manual training. Many charities, volunteer services and other social projects cannot pay any salary, but generally you will receive board and lodging. Medical personnel is urgently needed in all parts of the world, nurses, nutritionists, physiotherapists and doctors.

Hand on your experience and knowledge

ElderPair combines your stay abroad with a certain framework and security, with a family, within an NGO, a community or group.
What you children or grandchildren can do with ease owing to the numerous programmes which exist for young people - well you can achieve this too.
Unfortunateley these possibilities had not existed when you were younger ...